5th World Youth ARDF Championship


Hungarian Radioamateur Society  is pleased to Invite ARDF teams, individual competitors and guest, from all countries, to visit Hungary and to participate in the 5th World Youth ARDF Championship

1. Location

Venue: Városlőd
Planned period:  26.06.2023 - 30.06.2023

Városlőd is located in one of the valleis the Bakony Mountains, 140 km far from capital city of Budapest along route 8

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a.) Accommodation

Youth Camp, Apartments for 10 people

wyac 002 camp wyac 003 camp
wyac 004 camp
wyac 005 camp wyac 006 camp


b.) Trainings, Competitions, Schedule

26.06.2023 - Arrival, training, Opening Ceremony
27.06.2023 - CLASSIC 2m,  training
28.06.2023 - SPRINT,  training
29.06.2023 - CLASSIC 80 m, Awarding Ceremony, HAMFEST
30.06.2023 - Departure 

  • Training in the camp area
  • Competitions: Bakony mountains
  • Maps will be thoroughly revised
  • The distance of the terrain from the Event Center is not more than 10 km
  • Old maps in appendix

Details of the terrains:

wyac 007 terkep  


- Terrain: park forest, flat to moderately steep slope with few levels
- Vegetation: well-groomed forest area
- Visibility: Reduced in the dense parts
- Roads and paths: Good network of paths and roads



- Terrain: Moderately steep to steep hills with incisions. and some stones
- Vegetation: well-groomed forest area, scattered bushy area
- Good network of paths and road


2. Transportation options

        • Motorway
        • International Airport Budapest - 140 km

3. ARDF / orienteering history  :

        • Orienteering National Championship
        • Dunántúl Cup 2022
        • Transmoduls Dunántúl Cup 2017

4. Entry fees

Entry fees: 40 Euro per person for every category, 120 Euro for all days
Accommodation for four nights, four day full board, hamfest, participation in all three events:

        • 250 Euro per person, for competitors
        • 150 Euro per person, for team leaders, official persons and visitors

5.  Organizer:

ARDF Committee of MRASZ

Lajos Krajcar +36308519747
Csaba Toth
Gabor Pap
Gabor Szabo